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How does Erectile Dysfunction manifest itself and how can Eroxel help you?

Erectile dysfunction is when the erection does not provide enough for sexual intercourse, or it cannot be sustained long enough. Often, the sexual desire (libido), is still present. To be considered an erectile dysfunction, these difficulties must be present in at least 70% of attempted attempts over a period 6 months. If it doesn’t work every now and again, then this is not an erectile disorder. Erectile dysfunction may present at all times, or can develop gradually or suddenly. Erectile dysfunction may also be person-specific or situational.

Erectile Dysfunction: The Consequences

Erectile dysfunction can have a significant impact on a man’s self-esteem. Many men will withdraw from situations where sex could occur and avoid them.

Particularly in relationships, the effects of erectile disorder are noticeable. Fear of failure is a common fear among men. They believe they can’t meet their partner’s demands. The demands of their partner. The vicious circle of pressure begins: the man puts himself under more pressure which makes it harder to have an erection.

What does “Impotence” and what does “Sterility” actually mean?

In the past, “impotence” was synonymous with erectile dysfunction. Medically speaking, however, there are two types of impotence.

Impotentia coeundi is inability to engage in coitus and Impotentia générandi is inability to reproduce. The term “impotence”, however, is not commonly used. It is not used anymore. Sterility also refers to the inability for a man reproduce. This is when erectile function does not seem to be affected.

Other male Dysfunctions

Erectile dysfunction can also be referred to as a male sexual disorder that includes a lack of sexual desire (libido disorders), premature ejaculation, or premature orgasm (anorgasmia), and a lack of orgasm.

There can be many Causes and Consequences of Impotence. But you can act immediately and attack the problem with Eroxel, you will notice the difference instantly: Eroxel.