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When the Erection Fails But Never Again With Eroxel

Erectile dysfunction is no longer a rare condition. It has become more common in these stressful times. This is a significant problem for the overall well-being and sexual health of men.

Impotence can be defined as an inability to have sexual intercourse. This type of impotence is called impotentia coeundi by the medical profession. When talking about impotence, this is often referred to as erectile dysfunction. There is also impotence impotentia générandi, which refers to inability to procreate. This is when ejaculation takes place, but the quality of the semen does not suffice to produce offspring. Then there’s impotentia contumiscentiae. This is a state of complete listlessness. A weakened libido can make it impossible to desire but not be able to achieve it.

What is the process of Erection?

It is easy to understand erectile dysfunction by looking at normal erections. High pressure causes blood to flow through the dilated veins into the corpus cavernosum. The penis will stiffen as a result. This complex process requires nerves, blood vessels, hormones and muscles to work together. As each component of the system can fail, so the more people involved, then the higher the risk of failure.

Impotence: Causes

There are many causes of impotence. Consider the cause of impotence within the context of your overall health. About 70% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction have physical reasons. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by psychological factors in 30% of men. Below are explanations of both psychological and physical reasons.

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Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by psychological Factors

Erectile dysfunction is often caused by psychological factors. Stress, depression, and pressure to perform are the most common causes in men over 35 years old. Erectile problems can be caused by stress. Other causes of emotional blockades include: If you don’t find your partner attractive, or feel sexually pressured to perform, fear of failure or jealousy could be the cause. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by depression or traumatizing sexual experiences.

Impotence can be caused by Physical Causes

Physical causes account for a greater percentage of impotence. We have listed the most common causes.

Blood vessel Diseases

The most common cause for impotence is calcification of blood vessels (also known as hardening the arteries or atherosclerosis). What happens? The calcified arteries prevent enough blood from reaching the penis. However, too much blood can drain away from the penis. It is possible to have a temporary erection, but it is not possible to maintain it. Arteriosclerosis can also lead to narrowing in the coronary arteries. This is the leading cause of death in industrialized western countries.


Sugar molecules can build up on the walls and walls of blood vessels in diabetes. This is similar to vascular calciumification. This causes a lack of blood flow to the erectile tissues. In the erectile tissues. Erectile dysfunction is the result.

Nervous System diseases

When the penis needs to stand, it must be signaled by the brain. Healthy conductive pathways (or nerves) are necessary for this purpose. These can be damaged by multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, strokes, or other conditions. Paraplegia can also disrupt the brain-brain connection. A herniated disk can also affect the transmission of nerve impulses necessary for an erection. If there is no stimulation, nothing happens.

Lifestyle that is Harmful

It is well-known that drugs, nicotine, and alcohol are not good for your health. It is not often that we realize their potency-dangerous effects until they become apparent.

Hormonal Changes

In erection, the sex hormone testosterone is a key factor. Men age and their testosterone levels drop. This can lead to erectile dysfunction.

How can I treat impotence with Therapy?

The vast majority (around 70%) of impotence disorders can be traced back to organic causes. What can you do? Increased physical activity can help combat excess weight and inactivity. A 10% weight loss and an increase of physical activity can make a big difference in the erectile performance of overweight men.

Patients with high blood pressure need to switch from erection-damaging drugs such as beta-blockers, to erection friendly medications.

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